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27768 NYS Rt. 26     Theresa, New York   USA   13691

     (315) 628-5415   

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Kevin A. Lippincott   &    Roger K. Duvall  Owners 

The Broken Spur Ranch is a privately owned property located on the Village limits of Theresa, New York.  Nestled amoung the beauty of the native trees and streams the Broken Spur Ranch offers tranquil views of Black Creek Falls as it flows towards the Indian River.

The Ranch started as a place to escape the rush of daily labors and offered a place to visit the animals that call the Ranch home and to relax in the natural beauty of the area. Due to changing circumstances guests are still welcome to visit and see the animals and enjoy the beauty of the land when one of the owners are available.

Please call to check on availability to visit the animals and view the beauty of the Ranch.




goats snorty


                        Beatrice and Snorty play in the mud.                                            The water starts it's run to the Indian River at the top of Black Creek Falls

















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